A DIY Seismograph

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The creator of this seismograph design was John C. Lahr, a scientist and educator who passed away in March of 2009. He was known as "the gentle scientist" because of his unfailingly gracious personality who did much to promote the cause of amateur science.

One of his better known projects was a seismograph design that cuold be built in the average garage. In this YouTube video, the first in a series of Twelve, John Lahr goes about describing the parts and early stages of construction of this device.

You can click through to the YouTube page to see the other videos in this series.

After his death, his family and Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) created a fund to support Seismographs In Schools (SIS) as part of the IRIS Education and Outreach program. SIS provides funds for school seismographs and teacher training.

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  1. Ralph says:

    The 1 April 2011 The New Wanderings has a feature on DIY seismographs and the life and work of John Lahr.



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