Citizen Science Musings: CSL Progress Report

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This week I want to share some news about how the Citizen Scientists League is doing and where we are going. The last several months have seen steady and healthy growth in our community. We have some additional initiatives in the pipeline that will do even more to serve the citizen science community.

CSL Web Traffic from June thru Sept. 2011. Source: Google Analytics.

Our internet presence is definitely growing. We've added more members to our Facebook page (94) and Twitter (125 followers) but most gratifying is the growth we've seen on the blog. In September the blog had 1,968 visitors last month, who made a total of 2,457 visits (see chart). The time spent on the site rose to 1 minute, 47 seconds, and visitors looked at an average of 1.89 pages per visit. Our traffic is increasingly coming from links from other sites. Obviously these numbers do not put us among the ranks of the internet science powerhouses, but the growth curve is very encouraging, as the chart shows.

At this point I want to give a deeply-felt "Thank You" to those of your who have contributed to the blog by providing content and leaving comments. You have really made a difference. To those of you who are considering writing something for us, please write it and send it in. We have gained a couple of new bloggers lately, but we need more. I want our blog to be even more of a gallery of uncommon ingenuity that can instruct and inspire.

For those who don't feel like writing, I encourage you to share or digg or tweet or retweet posts that you like. Believe me, it helps!

Another area where I would like to see more activity is on our Forum. Right now a lot of discussion takes place on our Facebook Group page, but the page is starting to show the limitations of Facebook. Our group page really doesn't lend itself to discussing anything in depth, and certainly not multiple subjects simultaneously. I strongly encourage you to check out the Forum regularly to see what's there. You'll find more than we've had in the past, and I invite you to share your ideas lavishly.

September also saw CSL get a new logo. For that I'd like once more to thank Eric Brown of Volksdata for volunteering his time and talent.

As I said, we have some initiatives under development, which you will hear about soon. One of these is a new CSL Classified Ads section. This will be a place for members and friends to buy, sell, or trade science equipment and materials. The section is undergoing final testing and we hope to launch it soon. CSL is in negotiations with another party to begin work on a Science Fair Project Archive that will help resurrect many a project that is moldering and forgotten in some attic or garage.  More on this as the project develops.

This month we will begin working on some Reference Pages with essential sites, tools, and links. Please send me your favs and general ideas.

The future looks promising for CSL. We are growing, and good things are happening. I invite each of you to tell your friends and colleagues about CSL.  Consider writing something for the blog, or let me know how you'd like to get involved. If you have any questions, contact me at sheldon (at) citizenscientistsleague (dot) com.

Thanks again for your support.

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