Monarch Experiment Update: 22 December

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By Bob Pish
Photo by the author

Yesterday late I was checking on the Monarch House and confirmed that Wrong-way Corrigan has not made it and that the first chrysalis formed from the four caterpillars of the second hatch has deteriorated.

However on the good news side, Travel Sam disappeared into his/hers/its chrysalis late yesterday bringing the total number of chrysalis to ten.

Also interesting was the appearance of a set of ridges forming a rough triangle on the side opposite the top half circled of little gem-like dots.

As I mentioned yesterday several dots also began to show up on the bottom of the chrysalis as well.

One source says they will not emerge for ten days and this is day seven for the first one formed.

I want to thank Forrest Mims, the famous Texas scientist/author and Karen in Danville, Virginia for helping me finally learn the difference between cocoon and chrysalis.


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