Baby Herons and Hawks, Fresh From the Webcam

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By Sheldon Greaves

Earlier we reported about a web cam set up by Cornell University where people can watch a quartet of baby great blue herons hatching and growing up in real time. The resolution is excellent, in my opinion, for a web cam.

For those of you who haven't had the chance to take a look, Denise took these screen shots while one of the parents fed the chicks:

The parent regurgitated some food among the chicks, who then immediately fell to as only baby birds can.

What we did not mention in our previous report on this web cam is that Cornell Labs has a second web cam trained on the nest of a red-tailed hawk with chicks. The link to this camera is here:

Denise also took some screen shots of feeding time at this nest:

Both web cam pages have running chat sessions and feature audio as well as video. Some important moments, such as when the eggs hatched, have their own videos and will appear on YouTube if they haven't already. Even if you aren't into ornithology, you owe it to yourself to spend some time looking at these web cams. It's absolutely enthralling. I'm pretty sure that even a few hours spent watching how these birds feed and raise their young will give you a lot of insights into avian life histories.

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