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In this week's Science Weekly blog over at the Guardian, reporter Clare Freedman speaks with the founder of Zooniverse, one of the more successful citizen science programs:

In this week's show we delve into the world of crowdsourced science to find out why scientists are increasingly relying on members of the public to make observations, gather information and analyse vast clumps of data. The list of crowdsourced projects is seemingly endless, fromfolding proteins in computer games, to discovering new planets andsearching for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Prof Chris Lintott started his first crowdsourcing project in 2007,Galaxy Zoo. He explains to Clare Freeman how this and all the otherZooniverse projects have developed over the years. It's not just the technology that has advanced but also the community, with citizen scientists willing to spend more time than ever scouring data.

In the two months since our Science Weekly call-out, almost 6,000 Britons have contributed to Prof Russell Foster's crowdsourced survey of sleep "chronotypes" – whether you're an owl or a lark. He reveals the initial results comparing the sleep patterns of Germans and Britons.

Click here to read more, and to link to the podcast.

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