Rising Stars in Science

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Jeff Lichtman pointed out to me a series over at Scientific American titled "30 Under 30" which is profiling thirty young bright lights in various scientific disciplines.  This week's subject is a young physicist named Jacinta Delhaize:

Name: Jacinta Delhaize
Age: 25
Born: Perth, Western Australia
Nationality: Australian

Current position: Ph.D. student, University of Western Australia, International Centre of Radio Astronomy Research
Education: Bachelor of Science (Honours), University of Western Australia

What is your field of research?
I use large radio telescopes to study the evolution of galaxies in the universe.

What drew you to physics, and to that research area in particular?
I have always been fascinated by the beautiful photos produced by telescopes like Hubble. The more I learned about physics and maths, the more fascinated I became in what was going on in the pictures as it revealed a whole new aspect. I found it irresistible to discover more, and so I chose to study astrophysics.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I would love to work with the Square Kilometer Array, a huge radio telescope array that will be built across Australia/New Zealand and Southern Africa. When it is completed in around 10 years' time, it will have the capability to detect some of the first stars formed after the big bang.

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