Crescent Moon, Venus, Jupiter Visible In Pre-Dawn Sky Tomorrow

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By: Joe Rao

Published: 07/14/2012 07:22 AM EDT on

NASA Image.

Venus, Jupiter and the moon will gather together in the early morning sky Sunday (July 15), and provided the weather conditions cooperate, the celestial show will be well worth getting out of bed.

Should weather conditions be favorable, set your alarm clock for around 4:30 a.m. local time on Sunday, and then proceed to a location where you will have a clear and unobstructed view of the east-northeast sky.

Rather than partake in the usual "inside-the-eyelid show" at that somewhat ungodly hour, you can instead be rewarded with a view of a  beautiful celestial gathering, as the slender crescent moon, just 13-percent illuminated, appears in close proximity to the two brightest planets in our sky.

Early risers who are up an hour or two before sunrise, and who are unaware or have no advance notice, will almost certainly wonder, as they cast a casual glance toward the skinny moon that morning, what those two "large silvery stars" happen to be.

Sometimes, such an occasion brings with it a sudden spike of phone calls to local planetariums, weather offices and even police precincts. Not a few of these calls excitedly inquire about "the UFOs" that are hovering close to our natural satellite.

If bad weather or clouds spoil your view, you can also watch the planetary sky show online via live telescope views from the Slooh Space Camera website.


Thanks to Denise Greaves for bringing this item to our attention.

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