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Part 6: Rotatable Electromagnet Project


Last week, we made the two vertical yoke pieces – part of the magnetic circuit and structural frame. Now we’ll discuss some process details along with machining the steel disc base. Continue reading…

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Retro Science, Part 1

My area of research, citizen science—a term applied to data collection methods that engage the public in scientific research—is not a newly invented style, either. It’s a retro fashion, just like Jackie Kennedy’s big sunglasses. Continue reading…

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Join the Colorado Spider Survey

Image courtesy of Paula Cushing.

The Colorado Spider Survey is a means of gathering critical information about the ecology and distribution of this understudied group, and the research will result in a field guide to the spiders of Colorado. Continue reading…

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Expedition to Arizona to study caterpillars inspires Simi teacher to be citizen scientist

Photo: Hyles lineata, fifth instar, Mesa, Maricopa Co., Arizona, September 18, 2008, courtesy of Melissa Rogers and the Rogers family.

Simi Valley resident and teacher Peter Rosenstein spent part of his summer vacation studying caterpillars and climate change. Continue reading…

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Doing Something Simple With Python


By Paul Hubbard I’ve long held the position that when learning a programming language you need some small projects to tackle. Not too big, of interest to you personally, and never mind if it can be done some other way. You need a log sized to that new splitting axe you’ve been eying. Let me walk through one I had recently and … Continue reading…

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Using Citizen Science to Quantify Community Garden Crop Yields

Credit: Tony Anderson/Digital Vision/Getty Images.

New York City is home to over 500 community gardens, over 80% of which host food production. This paper is a case study of Farming Concrete, an open, community-based study. Continue reading…

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Job Posting: Quantitative Ecologist


As a member of the Conservation Science Division, the Quantitative Ecologist will have responsibility for helping to conceive and execute analyses that help the group fulfill its core responsibilities. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: We Are All Amateurs Now


As amateurs, our ardor is both our advantage and our weaknesses; we put up with extra barriers because we love our subject. But passion, for all its virtue, can make suckers of the passionate. Continue reading…

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Lessons Learned from Citizen Science in the Classroom. A Response to “The Future of Citizen Science.”

This is response to a recent article, Michael P. Mueller, Deborah Tippins, and Lynn A. Bryan Ph. D., The Future of Citizen Science.
Continue reading…

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Amateur archaeologists make historical ‘henge’ discovery near Osterley Park

Aerial view of the discovery site of neolithic henge monuments.

A family of amateur archaeologists have dug their way to a new discovery which could be as rare as dragon poo. Continue reading…

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