Citizen Science Musings: Introducing CSL Fellows

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One of the big problems that every amateur scientist faces is the matter of affiliation and the quest to be taken seriously by the "establishment". It's not quite as big a problem as it used to be, where an amateur without a degree or position at a university or other academic institution had a hard time even signing up to attend a professional convention or seminar let alone getting published in a peer-reviewed journal. But it's still a problem.

Once, long ago, I gave a paper at an amateur science conference about how to do what I called "guerrilla scholarship" which among other things included arranging for a title. For example, I know of one independent scholar who needed an affiliation in order to sign up for a conference. He approached the Director of the local public library and asked if they would write him a letter appointing him a "Scholar in Residence" at the local library. The letter cost the library nothing, but it helped this intrepid amateur register for the conference.

In order to both recognize some of our outstanding members, and to help them make their way in the intellectual world, the Citizen Scientists League is creating a Fellows Program. Every now and then, CSL will recognize amateur scientists who have distinguished themselves by doing significant scientific work. Candidates are nominated and selected by members of the Board of Directors and invited to become Fellows. We come up with a suitable title, and provide a letter of appointment.

So, with that in mind, please meet and congratulate our first two Fellows:

Harlan Brothers, Scholar at Large

George Hrabovsky, Theoretical Physicist at Large

Bios and photos of Harlan and George are on our Contributors page. We will be inviting and announcing more Fellows in the coming months.

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