This Week at Hilton Pond (1-31 July 2012)—“Two new Midsummer Wildflowers For Hilton Pond”

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Posted on 15 August 2012 by Bill Hilton Jr.

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July was incredibly busy for us in the Carolina Piedmont and we were unable to put together our usual series of photo essays. Thus, we condensed our efforts into a single installment we're calling "This MONTH at Hilton Pond" to cover all 31 days. It doesn't chronicle everything we observed in that lengthy span, of course, but does include exciting news about two native wildflowers new to Hilton Pond Center. To read about and view images of these newly discovered species growing on the banks of Hilton Pond, please visit our 1-31 July 2012 edition at

As always we provide an account of all birds banded during the period (scroll down to view), as well as a list of a substantial number of returning Ruby-throated Hummingbirds--two of which are amazingly old.

NOTE: Our first November 2012 hummingbird expedition to Costa Rica (east) is now filled, so we've added a second post- Thanksgiving trip for 26 Nov-4 Dec. (Space is also still available on all our 2013 expeditions.)

Happy (Midsummer) Nature Watching!


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Figure 1. Square-stemmed Monkeyflower, Mimulus ringens (above), was one of two new native wildflowers to appear this summer at Hilton Pond Center. (Photo copyright Bill Hilton Jr.)

Bill Hilton Jr. is an award-winning educator-naturalist and executive director of non-profit Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History near York, South Carolina USA, where he has banded more than 57,600 birds since 1982. He is the only scientist conducting long-term studies of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) on their wintering grounds in Central America. Check out his Web sites for Hilton Pond Center at and “Operation RubyThroat: the Hummingbird Project” at


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