Amateur archaeologists make historical ‘henge’ discovery near Osterley Park

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By Alix Culbertson
Source:  Hounslow, Heston, and Whitton Chronicle

Aerial view of the discovery site of neolithic henge monuments.

A family of amateur archaeologists have dug their way to a new discovery which could be as rare as dragon poo.

Mahk Belsham, 50, and his brother Lance, 49, and Mahk's son Mahki Jr., 14, have found what they believe to be a henge, or a mini-henge on private land close to Osterley Part on the border with Nowood Green, Ealing.

According to the Oxford Dictionary of Archaeology, a henge is a Neolithic ceremonial circular earthwork with an encircling bank and inside ditch, while a mini-henge is smaller.

The family, who have always been interested in digging and discovery, believe they have found one very large henge site, with roundhouses nearby that are likely to have been residences for a community created by Roman soldiers.

The historical enthusiasts began their journey two years ago, after figuring out the soldiers who were part of the Roman invasion in 43 AD near Syon House would have had to sleep and eat somewhere, as well as bury their dead.

Mahk, a care campaigner from Isleworth, Lance, a volunteer aircraft engineer in the conservation field from Dagenham, and Mahki Jnr started scouring every known record, from ancient maps, archives and registers to aerial photos, old sites and Ordnance Survey maps and found this piece of land right by the M4 is the likely site of an ancient temporary settlement.

The site, dubbed Belsham Henge by the brothers and son, was previously unrecorded and the advanced evidence the amateur archaeologists have collected shows the land has only ever been used for common grazing.

Mahk said: "This is a fairly major discovery of important archaeology in west London, in fact it will be as rare as dragon poo if the professionals confirm that it is a henge, and we are pretty certain that it is.

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11 Responses to Amateur archaeologists make historical ‘henge’ discovery near Osterley Park

  1. mahk says:

    This article is completely inaccurate and has been removed from the internet by the Hounslow Chronicle newspaper which published this story.
    The newspaper is going to publish a correction to their mistakes in their August 31st 2012 edition. Please ignore the information in this article it is misleading and very inaccurate. The headline is correct the rest is all wrong.
    If you want to see what we have found, and what we have actually said so far about our discovery, please see our Youtube film entitled: Belsham Henge.
    My name is Mahk, I am one of those who made this discovery.

  2. archie ologist says:

    The longer rubbish like this remains on this website the more the CSL’s credibility suffers. Sheldan, mate, at least have the intelligence to remove this crap you’ve posted.
    alix culbertson’s article above is a joke.
    Your delay in removing it makes you look a twat!

  3. john says:

    CSL perrrrrrrlease remove this nonsense by alix culbertson above, posted by sheldan, it’s ridiculous !!!
    This site is pathetic!!!

  4. su says:

    This site is site sucks!!! Publish accurate articles or don’t bother, this article is damaging the attempts to properly research this discovery, it’s wrong, alix who wrote it should feel ashamed of it and sheldan who posted it clearly doesn’t know his arse from his elbow, otherwise he would’ve spotted the stupid mistakes in the article.

  5. ter says:

    Theres too much of this sort of trash on the net. Inaccurate, misleading, poorly researched, factually incorrect. …..Shame on CSL for allowing this to remain on their site for so long.

  6. plank says:

    totally agree with all those above, this posting is a joke and should be taken off this site asap!

  7. relic says:

    Its not alix’s fault, her newspaper withdrew this article and published an apology. Its sheldan fault because sheldan posted this on the CSL site and it’s CSL’s fault because they know the article is inaccurate but they won’t remove it.

  8. tommy says:

    read this quickly because CSL will remove it very soon!!!

  9. R Soles says:

    CSL doesn’t publish any comments unless they agree with CSL, they monitor postings ‘moderate’ them and if they don’t like them they delete them.
    shame they’re not so fussy when it comes to publishing rubbish articles.

    If CSL won’t allow this discussion on its site, perhaps we can have this discussion online elsewhere and ask others if they have seen misleading rubbish on this site.

  10. kim says:

    i know some1 who knows those who made this discovery, she told me that they asked CSL to remove this from their site over a year ago but got no joy. …..pity cos it makes this website a waste of time if it contains misinformation.

  11. Sheldon says:

    Based on a number of comments, it has come to our attention that the post reporting the alleged discovery of a henge monument is inaccurate.

    Perhaps if, instead of flooding the comment section with juvenile insults, you and your esteemed colleagues might assist us by providing some actual information such as:

    1. The current consensus on the state of the “discovery” is it or isn’t it?
    2. Providing a link or links to a clarification or correction.

    We would prefer to append additional information to the post rather than delete it entirely.

    If you would be so kind as to assist us in this way, we will gladly update the post accordingly.


    The Editor
    Citizen Scientists League

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