This Week at Hilton Pond (1-25 August 2012)—“Hero To America, And The World: A Naturalist’s Homage To Astronaut Neil Armstrong”

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Posted on 27 August 2012 by Bill Hilton Jr.

We were deeply saddened this past Saturday to hear about the death of astronaut Neil Armstrong, a man we were lucky enough to meet and learn from early in our science career. "This Week at Hilton Pond" we stray a bit from our usual natural history theme for a first-person account of time we spent with this terrific man BEFORE he became an international hero. To view our installment for 1-25 August 2012, please visit

While there, don't forget to scroll down for a list of all birds banded and recaptured locally during the period and to see who's recently provided support for the education, research, and conservation efforts of Hilton Pond Center and Operation RubyThroat.

The Moon's out tonight. Remember to look up at it and ponder the eventful life of Commander Neil Armstrong--first man to walk the lunar surface.


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Figure 1. Astronaut Neil Armstrong (above) knew what he was going to be doing a full five years before he went to the Moon. (Photo copyright Bill Hilton Jr.)

Bill Hilton Jr. is an award-winning educator-naturalist and executive director of non-profit Hilton Pond Center for Piedmont Natural History near York, South Carolina USA, where he has banded more than 57,600 birds since 1982. He is the only scientist conducting long-term studies of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds (Archilochus colubris) on their wintering grounds in Central America. Check out his Web sites for Hilton Pond Center at and “Operation RubyThroat: the Hummingbird Project” at

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