Aspen Center for Environmental Studies Announces New Programs

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ACES will be introducing a variety of citizen science projects during the next year. To begin with, we are working with the University of Maryland, who recieved a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant allowing them to develop Citizen Science programming around the country. ACES' downtown Aspen site, Hallam Lake, is a pilot site for UM's project which involves developing a digital table top system for visitors to enter pictures and records of sightings at Hallam Lake.

ACES will also be integrating citizen science-based phenological observations (study of periodic plant and animal life cycle events) in our new Forest Health Index.

Stay tuned for more information on how you can take part in ACES Citizen Science programs.

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  1. Anna Sudaric Hillier says:

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  2. This is intereresting. I tried to attend one of their confrences on Pulsars and was told that I could not attend since I was not a PhD type!

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