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The Texas Stream Team

My participation on the Irving Green Advisory Board has made me aware of how little I know about the environmental aspects and activities of Irving, Texas. To remedy this, I’m taking advantage of every opportunity to get involved in local activities. Continue reading…

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COMSOL Conference Bypasses Paywall Publishing


Instantly browse over 700 papers, posters, and presentations on multiphysics simulation. This brand new multiphysics resource contains ground-breaking applications from research, engineering, and industry. Continue reading…

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Report: New Visions in Citizen Science


“New Visions in Citizen Science” showcases seventeen case studies that offer a mosaic view of federally-sponsored citizen science and open innovation projects, from in-the-field data collection to online games for collective problem-solving. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Amateurs and Astronomy

Addressing the Peninsula Astronomical Society at Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, CA.

The bottom line of my presentation was that this column began as an amateur astronomy column in 1928, and remained so for the next 24 years. During that time, it was the go-to place for new innovations in mirror grinding, telescope mounts, and all the thousands of details that lie along the way. Continue reading…

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Wanted: Raspberry Pi Columnist(s)

Image: PC Magazine

CSL is looking for one or more people who are conversant in using Raspberry Pi and other types of microcontrollers who would like to share their expertise and enthusiasm with our readers. Continue reading…

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An Interview with Buckminster Fuller

This interview in 1974 is considered by many to be his best. We offer it as a little something to ponder on the past and future of science and our society. Continue reading…

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Scuba Divers Build Species Data Network

This is an image of a Lionfish shared on Diveboard by diver Jamie-Lee Thorpe. Credit: Jamie-Lee Thorpe

Species observations from thousands of scuba divers all over the world are now freely accessible via the Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Continue reading…

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Apps That Turn Citizens into Scientists

Smartphones can automate data collection and incorporate many important data-gathering functions—such as capturing images, audio and text—into a single tool that can “stamp” the date, time and geographic coordinates associated with an observation. Continue reading…

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Upcoming Radio Astronomy Conference

This purpose of this conference is to bring researchers and educators together to explore the importance of education in the area related to Radio Astronomy and the related sciences. Continue reading…

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Tracking Owls in Ontario

After the owls are banded, the public is given an opportunity to see the owl. (Martha Dillman/CBC)

A group in the Temiskaming Shores area is helping owl researchers across North America gather important information. Continue reading…

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