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Announcement: Radio Astronomy Conference

In addition to the lectures, there will be great conversations, radio observations by KSL Labs – 12 GHz. Educational Radio Telescope and Radio Astronomy Supplies, 21cm Spectral and Continuum Radio Telescope, as well as music entertainment by the Scientists and Staff of Brookhaven National Laboratory (Stochastic Orchestra), all in the historic Custer Institute. Continue reading…

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This Week at Hilton Pond (1-14 January 2014)—#588—“Wood Duck Nest Boxes: Attracting Our Most Colorful Piedmont Waterfowl”

Figure 1. A hen Wood Duck, Aix sponsa (see photo), kept one eye on the photographer
and the other on her 13 just-fledged ducklings paddling about on Hilton Pond. (Photo copyright Bill Hilton Jr.)

The ball falling in Times Square last New Year’s Eve also signaled the beginning of our 33rd year at Hilton Pond Center, and this week’s 588th installment of “This Week at Hilton Pond” marks the 15th year for my Web-based photo essays Continue reading…

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Report: New Visions in Citizen Science


“New Visions in Citizen Science” showcases seventeen case studies that offer a mosaic view of federally-sponsored citizen science and open innovation projects, from in-the-field data collection to online games for collective problem-solving. Continue reading…

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Why Science Deserves Its Popularity

Which brings us back to the happy announcement from the folks at Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary that its word of the year for 2013 is, yes, science, based on the increase in look-ups it registered on the dictionary’s website, a cool 176% more than in 2012. Continue reading…

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Smithsonian Science, a Thought Experiment, and a Citizen Science Challenge

When you consider the field of citizen science you probably think of it as something you do by collecting data, taking pictures, finding plants or animals, or uploading sightings. There’s a new form of citizen science emerging called a “thought experiment.” Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Don’t Wait!

I had picked somewhere a pair of special filters mounted in cardboard eyewear frames that would let me safely observe the transit without frying my retinas over easy. As the day drew closer, the weather looked iffy, but the chances of seeing something were still there. Continue reading…

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DIY Titration Lab Ware

Titration is the process of determining the unknown concentration of a solution by adding a known amount of a solution with a known concentration. For example, in an acid-base titration, you can determine the unknown concentration of an acid in a solution by adding a base solution of known concentration. Continue reading…

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This Week at Hilton Pond (11-20 October 2013)—#582—“Schweinitz’s Sunflower: Endangered Species Revisited”

Since 2006 I’ve been following ups and downs of the Center’s solitary specimen of Schweinitz’s Sunflower—a federally endangered species that once flourished on the vast Piedmont Prairie of the Carolinas. Continue reading…

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Living With Our Sun

I attended the first of four sessions of the University of Iowa alumni association senior college class called “Living With Our Sun: The Science of the Earth’s Place in the Solar System” last Tuesday. It is a 100 mile round trip drive to the university campus so I was hoping the class would be worth the trips. The class was held in Van … Continue reading…

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“Explore Your Universe” Lectures

It’s that time of year again! The cool crisp nights and the changing of the aspens can only mean one thing: Fall is here, and with it the 2013 edition of our “Explore Your Universe” lecture series, featuring talks by prominent astronomers sharing their research and discoveries. Continue reading…

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