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A Giant Radio-Controlled Model Airbus

File this under “Freakin’ Cool.” Continue reading…

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Wanted: Raspberry Pi Columnist(s)

Image: PC Magazine

CSL is looking for one or more people who are conversant in using Raspberry Pi and other types of microcontrollers who would like to share their expertise and enthusiasm with our readers. Continue reading…

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Chinese Rover Lands on the Moon


On Saturday afternoon (GMT), a landing module used thrusters to touch down, marking the latest step in China’s ambitious space exploration programme. Continue reading…

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Experimental Rocket #11 – Its Life & Death

Well, some days are better than others. We are always learning new things, but this process can sometimes present a challenge or two. And so it was with the ill-fated first flight of Experimental Rocket #11. Continue reading…

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An Interview with Buckminster Fuller

This interview in 1974 is considered by many to be his best. We offer it as a little something to ponder on the past and future of science and our society. Continue reading…

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Job Annoucement

The University of Manchester is looking to hire two engineers or scientists for the development of pulsar search technology for the Square Kilometre Array Telescope. Continue reading…

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A $20,000 Prosthetic Hand, 3D-Printed for 10 Bucks

3D printers are becoming more and more ubiquitous, with some remarkable stories coming out of this new technology. Here is just one courtesy of Twelve-year-old Leon McCarthy has been missing fingers on his left hand since birth due to lack of blood flow during his development. within the womb. Traditional prosthetic units to help people like Leon can run tens of thousands of dollars. … Continue reading…

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Experimental Rocket #11


Now, it’s time for Rocket #11 to proudly take its place in the everlasting annals of amateur rocketry. And so, a new story begins…. Continue reading…

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Passive Diamagnetic Levitation

Here we’ll discuss passive diamagnetic levitation briefly. We’ll describe the construction of a levitator where a pyrolytic graphite plate floats over a rare earth magnet array. Given benign ambient conditions, the graphite will float essentially for tens or even hundreds of millennia. Continue reading…

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The Amazing Saga Of Mike Schultz, Citizen Scientist

His name is Mike Schultz, and he designs and manufacturers prosthetic legs and feet for amputees, especially those who want to once again enjoy a more active lifestyle. Continue reading…

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