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Interview With an Amateur Fossil Hunter

One aspect of amateur science that can create considerable dissonance is the role of the collector versus the academic scientist. Continue reading…

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The Economist: How Science Goes Wrong


A SIMPLE idea underpins science: “trust, but verify”. Results should always be subject to challenge from experiment. That simple but powerful idea has generated a vast body of knowledge. Continue reading…

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A New Species of Scientific Fraud


The scientists who were recruited to appear at a conference called Entomology-2013 thought they had been selected to make a presentation to the leading professional association of scientists who study insects. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Citizen Scientists, Citizen Journalists

Journalists and scientists both share the basic conviction that things happen for a reason. Continue reading…

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Taking Science to the Streets

Image: Genspace, Citizen Science outreach programs. Photo: Ellen Jorgensen

Biotechnology touches virtually every aspect of our daily lives—from food to fuel to medicines—and is accompanied by a host of social, moral, and ethical questions. Continue reading…

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Animal Care Ethics in Citizen Science: My Conundrum

Black-necked stilts. Photo by Denise Greaves.

Ethics in research is taken extremely seriously in academia: every single research project that involves human subjects gets reviewed by an independent committee before it begins. Continue reading…

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On Ethics and Self-Policing in (Citizen) Science


Science is experiencing a boost in enthusiasm and participation from the Citizen Science Movement. For those familiar it conjures up images of kids, adults and seniors counting birds or counting stars at night. Continue reading…

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