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A $20,000 Prosthetic Hand, 3D-Printed for 10 Bucks

3D printers are becoming more and more ubiquitous, with some remarkable stories coming out of this new technology. Here is just one courtesy of Twelve-year-old Leon McCarthy has been missing fingers on his left hand since birth due to lack of blood flow during his development. within the womb. Traditional prosthetic units to help people like Leon can run tens of thousands of dollars. … Continue reading…

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Shutting Down Science

As the government shutdown slouches toward its second week, government science programs face delays, shuttering, or cancellation. Continue reading…

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The Amazing Saga Of Mike Schultz, Citizen Scientist

His name is Mike Schultz, and he designs and manufacturers prosthetic legs and feet for amputees, especially those who want to once again enjoy a more active lifestyle. Continue reading…

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Freezing Cold: Cryonics and the Chatsworth Disaster

Robert Ettinger

The very idea of cryogenics has always seemed a bit farfetched, something invented for the purpose of futuristic television or grieving families. Continue reading…

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Rarely Discussed: Science’s Dark Side


I hated pre-med majors at college. Why? Not because of doctors, but because of one course “Instrumental Analytical Chemistry.” Continue reading…

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Scientists Create Star Trek style ‘tractor beam’

BBC Photo

Practical scientific theories on real-life tractor beams have been developed since 1960, but it is thought this is the first time a beam has been used to draw microscopic objects towards the light source. Continue reading…

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CSL Provides Unprecedented Access to Scientific Literature

The Citizen Scientists League is providing access to thousands of scientific and academic journals and other publications. CSL is proud to be the first such organization to offer this kind of service. Continue reading…

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Citizen Scientists Successfully Fund Groundbreaking Startup to Sequence their Microbiomes


The project has garnered over $120,000 in crowdfunding and over 1,000 participants, more than four times the number of participants included in the NIH-funded Human Microbiome Project, which was completed in 2012. Continue reading…

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