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The study of the very small worlds and the tools that make it possible.

Another iPhone Microscope Tool


This instructable will show you how to build a stand for about $10 that will transform your smartphone into a powerful digital microscope. This DIY conversion stand is more than capable of functioning in an actual laboratory setting. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Plankton Hunters

In the case of plankton, it is particularly appropriate, since where life on earth in general, and marine life in particular is concerned, one could hardly get more basic than plankton. Without it, there would be no sea life. There would also be much less oxygen for land-dwelling organisms. Continue reading…

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The Instant Microscope: Just add water

While reading about the history of single-lens microscopes, I came across an interesting design called the water drop microscope. In these instruments, a single drop of water suspended beneath the perimeter of a small hole forms the lens. Continue reading…

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The Challenge of Grinding a Miniature Biconvex Lens


In this article I describe how I made a 0.75 mm diameter biconvex lens using ordinary material and common resources available to amateurs. Continue reading…

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CSL Provides Unprecedented Access to Scientific Literature

The Citizen Scientists League is providing access to thousands of scientific and academic journals and other publications. CSL is proud to be the first such organization to offer this kind of service. Continue reading…

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The Nematode

Figure 1. Nematode imaged with a Leica CME microscope (40x objective) and Moticam 1000 camera with 2x transfer lens for an effective magnification of 800x. Microphotograph by Bill Dembowski.

I have developed an interest in airborne life forms and keep a 20-gallon tub of rain water in my backyard to catch whatever falls out of the air. One of the more numerous visitors to my tub are nematodes. Continue reading…

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University of Arizona Helps Local High School Students Become Citizen Scientists

UA Associate Professor Betsy Arnold.

A UA researcher is being recognized for developing a course that turns high school students into citizen scientists. Continue reading…

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Citizen Scientists Use New System to Support Cancer Research

Adenocarcinoma breast cancer cells, MCF7 cell line. Image:

“We’ve turned our data into something that can be accessed by anyone – you don’t have to be a scientist to carry out this type of cancer research.” Continue reading…

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A Closer Look: Salad


No matter how seemingly mundane, everything deserves a closer look. Here is proof that the beauty of nature exists everywhere, even on the end of a salad fork. Continue reading…

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Scientific American Book of Projects for the Amateur Scientist


If you remember the classic Amateur Scientist columns that ran in Scientific American, you probably know about this wonderful book by Amateur Scientist author C. L. Stong that was published in 1960. Continue reading…

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