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Open Access publishing initiative, SCOAP3, to start on 1 January 2014

With the support of partners in 24 countries[2], a vast fraction of scientific articles in the field of High-Energy Physics will become Open Access at no cost for any author: everyone will be able to read them; authors will retain copyright; and generous licenses will enable wide re-use of this information. Continue reading…

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Report: Shelf-life of Scientific Data is Now Twenty Years


A biologist at the University of British Columbia says 80 per cent of data by today’s scientists is lost within 20 years, a victim of digital storage. Continue reading…

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Wanted: Raspberry Pi Columnist(s)

Image: PC Magazine

CSL is looking for one or more people who are conversant in using Raspberry Pi and other types of microcontrollers who would like to share their expertise and enthusiasm with our readers. Continue reading…

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A $20,000 Prosthetic Hand, 3D-Printed for 10 Bucks

3D printers are becoming more and more ubiquitous, with some remarkable stories coming out of this new technology. Here is just one courtesy of Twelve-year-old Leon McCarthy has been missing fingers on his left hand since birth due to lack of blood flow during his development. within the womb. Traditional prosthetic units to help people like Leon can run tens of thousands of dollars. … Continue reading…

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Amateur Assembles Stunning View of Saturn


An amateur image processor has stitched together raw images from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft to produce a stunning image of Saturn, seen from above on 10 October. Continue reading…

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NASA paywalls first papers arising from Curiosity rover, I am setting them free

So what does NASA do to reward this outpouring of public interest (not to mention to $2.5 billion taxpayer dollars that made it possible)? They publish the first papers to arise from the project behind a Science magazine’s paywall. Continue reading…

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A Citizen Science Peer-Reviewed Journal?

Last week we learned a new Citizen Science Association was launched. It took twelve months and the hard work of many smart people. It also holds huge promise for advancing citizen science. But there is one piece missing…the amateur scientists themselves. Continue reading…

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Evolution as a tool at Burlington Maker Faire 2013

This project is an open source reactor based on a design out of Harvard that uses Arduino micro controllers, open computer vision systems, and reclaimed scrap materials in order to accelerate the evolution of viruses for scientific purposes. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Building a Library

The Prelinger Library in its early days.

This week I want to profile a different kind of independent institution, which may have an analogue for citizen scientists. A DIY public library. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: The Future of Citizen Science?


Recently it was my pleasure to have a long, informative chat with a couple of gentlemen who are part of an emerging trend outside the more settled model of “citizen science.” Continue reading…

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