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Sky Temperature Sensor

The first sensor to go on my instrument platform may be an infrared sky temperature sensor. The sky temperature can be used to determine if the sky is clear or cloudy and when the sky is clear the temperature is a measure of the total column water vapor above the sensor. The sensor electronics consists of two modules from SparkFun Electronics,  an evaluation … Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Remembering Grace Hopper

Today (Sunday) is the 107th birthday of computer pioneer Grace Hopper, who did most of her ground-breaking work while part of the US Navy Reserve. Continue reading…

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Analog Microcontroller Review

I have been trying to decide what to use to digitize the signals from my sensors that have analog outputs. The original thinking was to attach a 16 bit A/D converter to an ARM processor module. The other day I decided to revisit the Analog Devices Analog microcontroller family of parts. These parts are intended to process analog signals with their built in … Continue reading…

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Python Diaries: A Quasi-Newbie (Re-)learns Programming


I’m going to give Python a shot. What’s more, I’m going to display, nay, flaunt my ignorance and mistakes as I learn. Continue reading…

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