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Learn what other citizen and amateur scientists are doing, and get ideas for your own activities.

The Texas Stream Team

My participation on the Irving Green Advisory Board has made me aware of how little I know about the environmental aspects and activities of Irving, Texas. To remedy this, I’m taking advantage of every opportunity to get involved in local activities. Continue reading…

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A Simply Constructed Gas Generator

Figure 3. Completely assembled gas generator and wash bottle. (click image to enlarge)

Among the automatic gas generators on the market there are few within reach of the average experimenter. To meet this condition, Prof. C. D. Dilts has recently developed a generator which may be easily and cheaply constructed. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Making Amateur Scientists

One of the telescopes featured in Ingall's inaugural column,made by E. L. Worbois, 127 Adam Street, Tonawanda, New York.

This past week I was graciously invited to speak to a local astronomical club, the Peninsula Astronomical Society. After some consideration, I decided to talk about the role of Scientific American’s famous, much-loved and equally-missed column, “The Amateur Scientist” in the growth of amateur astronomy. Continue reading…

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Reviving Science of the Victorians


In the 19th century, periodical science journals were filled with laypeople’s submissions – and their observations of plants and animals were immensely useful to Charles Darwin. Continue reading…

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Make Your Own Sodium

For the amateur who would like to experiment with this reactive metal a pound is a rather large quantity to keep on hand or dispose of safely. Continue reading…

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Alter Type Windscreen

It can be fairly windy here especially in the spring, fall and during snow storms. My CoCoRaHS rain gauge does not catch all the precipitation it should when it is windy. This is a common problem and a WEB search or two turned up a number of different solutions. Most involve some sort of screen around the gauge to block the wind. The … Continue reading…

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Another iPhone Microscope Tool


This instructable will show you how to build a stand for about $10 that will transform your smartphone into a powerful digital microscope. This DIY conversion stand is more than capable of functioning in an actual laboratory setting. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Science Fairs for Grownups


Questions: Why do we want kids to get interested in science?
Answer: To create science-literate adults.
Continue reading…

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High Energy Amateur Science – September Meeting


Our High Energy Amateur Science (HEAS) group held its September 2013 meeting on a beautiful Sunday in late summer. We discussed many interesting topics and had the “Light the LED” contest; demonstrated an electrostatic motor, diamagnetic levitation and a tuning eye tube. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Amateur Engineering and Design

As I mentioned last week, we are in the throes of moving to a new place, which involves lots of trips with small (and occasionally not-so-small) loads of stuff, where it will be unpacked and “tetrised” (a new verb deployed by one of our helpful friends) into place. Continue reading…

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