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Citizen Science in Crisis Situations


The increased ubiquity of sophisticated technologies such as GPS-enabled mobile phones, web-based sharing and aggregation tools for data, and social networking platforms such as Twitter have all changed the ways in which crisis information is communicated. Continue reading…

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Large Areas Around Fukushima to be Off Limits, Possibly for Decades

Earlier we reported on indications that the radiation levels surrounding the Fukushima reactors has reached unprecedented levels. As the situation surrounding this disaster continues to deteriorate, it appears that the Japanese government is prepared to take drastic measures in response. Continue reading…

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Rapid Reaction Report (RRR) Protocol: Monitoring Radioactivity in Air

Some of the radioactive emissions from the Japanese power stations damaged by the recent earthquake and subsequent tsunami will cross the Pacific and reach North America. While the concentrations will likely be very low, it may be possible to detect the presence of radioactive isotopes from the power stations using a standard Geiger counter. Continue reading…

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