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Doing science safely is the mark of someone who knows what they’re doing.

A Safe Source of High Current

The pistol-grip soldering gun, typified by the style originally offered by the Weller Company, makes a very convenient source of current. The soldering gun is, in effect, a power transformer with a large ratio of primary to secondary turns, and very heavy secondary windings. Continue reading…

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Getting Information on Chemicals

Suppose you needed to know something about a chemical. What is it’s boiling point? Melting point? Flash point? How toxic is it? What is the best way to store it? What do you do if it is toxic and someone is accidentally exposed to it? Continue reading…

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Experimental Rocket #11 – Its Life & Death

Well, some days are better than others. We are always learning new things, but this process can sometimes present a challenge or two. And so it was with the ill-fated first flight of Experimental Rocket #11. Continue reading…

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A Simply Constructed Gas Generator

Figure 3. Completely assembled gas generator and wash bottle. (click image to enlarge)

Among the automatic gas generators on the market there are few within reach of the average experimenter. To meet this condition, Prof. C. D. Dilts has recently developed a generator which may be easily and cheaply constructed. Continue reading…

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DIY Titration Lab Ware

Titration is the process of determining the unknown concentration of a solution by adding a known amount of a solution with a known concentration. For example, in an acid-base titration, you can determine the unknown concentration of an acid in a solution by adding a base solution of known concentration. Continue reading…

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Make Your Own Sodium

For the amateur who would like to experiment with this reactive metal a pound is a rather large quantity to keep on hand or dispose of safely. Continue reading…

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Experimental Rocket #11


Now, it’s time for Rocket #11 to proudly take its place in the everlasting annals of amateur rocketry. And so, a new story begins…. Continue reading…

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Truly Boring Little Projects & Shop Chores


Here are a few details of the “little projects” and shop chores that tend to occupy my time between longer-term “big projects”. Continue reading…

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Deaths of High-Profile Storm Chasers Raises Questions

Vehicle in which longtime storm chasers Tim Samaras, his son Paul and colleague Carl Young were killed Friday when a powerful tornado hit near El Reno, Okla. Photo: John L. Mone.

While most people take shelter when a tornado approaches, a growing throng heads for the prairies, be they scientists hoping to protect the public from a twister’s fury or amateurs armed with little more than a smartphone, a digital camera and a desire to sell 15 seconds of video to the nightly news. Continue reading…

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South Mississippi citizen scientists present lessons learned post-spill

TAMMY LEYTHAM/SUN HERALDBien Do and Tuat Nguyen, members of the Vietnamese fishing community, give a bilingual presentation Saturday on the effects of the oil spill on their livelihood.

Residents got a lesson on the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill Saturday from citizen scientists during a community event held at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center in Ocean Springs. Continue reading…

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