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Tales and yarns of the amateur scientific community.

Citizen Science Musings: The Scientific Art of Roger Hayward

Part of that story involves one of the lesser-known characters in that story, an extremely gifted artist and amateur scientist named Roger Hayward. Continue reading…

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A Giant Radio-Controlled Model Airbus

File this under “Freakin’ Cool.” Continue reading…

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Why Science Deserves Its Popularity

Which brings us back to the happy announcement from the folks at Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary that its word of the year for 2013 is, yes, science, based on the increase in look-ups it registered on the dictionary’s website, a cool 176% more than in 2012. Continue reading…

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This Week at Hilton Pond (1-30 November 2013)—#584—“Ujarráscals In Costa Rica: Hummingbirds Among The Chayote”

The first half of November I was in Costa Rica’s Orosi Valley for our 22nd Operation RubyThroat citizen science expedition to the Neotropics. Mist netting and live-trapping operations were centered at Ujarrás, a riverside agricultural community whose cash crop is Chayote–a squash that flowers prolifically and whose nectar is sought by hummers and other avifauna. Continue reading…

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Founding fathers were amateur scientists, too

Next week’s observance of Thanksgiving might be very different had two amateur scientists not played key roles in drafting the two most important documents in American history. Continue reading…

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Citizen Science Musings: Science and Poetry

Robert Frost

Being a devotee of Frost’s poetry, especially after spending a few years living in New England where he wrote, I was delighted to discover that he had an active interest in science that found its way into his poetry. Continue reading…

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The mini-Halloween Storms of 2013

Ten years ago, in late October 2003, space weather forecasters experienced a frission of dread when two gigantic sunspots appeared. Both had complex magnetic fields that harbored energy for strong explosions. If the spots turned toward Earth and erupted…. Continue reading…

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Guardian: Citizens and Science in Greener China

Farmers dig ditches to run water from a polluted stream into farm fields in Yunnan province, China. Photograph: Reuters

Sensible collaboration with China in science, technology and innovation is not only in Britain’s economic interests but can also help to address environmental challenges shared by the entire international community. Continue reading…

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The Amazing Saga Of Mike Schultz, Citizen Scientist

His name is Mike Schultz, and he designs and manufacturers prosthetic legs and feet for amputees, especially those who want to once again enjoy a more active lifestyle. Continue reading…

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Freezing Cold: Cryonics and the Chatsworth Disaster

Robert Ettinger

The very idea of cryogenics has always seemed a bit farfetched, something invented for the purpose of futuristic television or grieving families. Continue reading…

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